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Business Development

JLR provides you with many solutions that will help you identify new clients. After having observed the flow of your market shares, benefit from our geomatics expertise to find new prospects in your area. Our prospection reports are customizable according to your acquisition criteria, your area and the types of buildings that interest you.


JLR maintains one of the largest real estate databases in North America. Get a customized electronic report for your telephone prospecting or mailing purposes.

Loans Potentially Coming to Maturity

Quickly find properties in your area for which the mortgage loan is potentially coming to maturity in the next few months. JLR prepares a custom electronic document that identifies these properties.

New Purchases Near You

Every day, near your store or your financial institution, new properties are changing hands. New borrowers also regularly appear all around you. Get to know your neighbours! JLR prepares a customized electronic report detailing new acquisitions near your place of business. Don't miss this opportunity to increase your market share!

Data Extraction

Integrate JLR's data into your system and cross-reference it with your own data to establish your penetration rate. Our data is formatted to integrate into your operating system and is updated many times a year. This customized tool enables you to speed up your business processes by managing your real estate data yourself.

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