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Real Estate Portfolio Monitoring

Our monitoring solutions enable you to verify the value of your real estate portfolio, analyze it in detail and be notified of any transaction that could disrupt it.

Portfolio Value Tracking

Based on an automated value model (AVM), this service allows you to track in real time the market value of your real estate portfolio. This appraisal model combines four scientific methods of calculation and is based on 25 years of real estate transactions, including private sales.

Mortgage Market Shares

Get a report detailing your mortgage market shares for financing and refinancing, and compare yourself to your competitors. Customize your report according to area, type of building and time period. Take advantage of Quebec's largest real estate database with our customized market share reports. Identify your risk areas and compare your growth to that of your competitors.

Mortgage Flows

Complete your market shares report by observing the flow of your mortgages towards other institutions.

Builders' Market Shares

This report enables you to identify the most active builders around your place of business. See also which institutions have the most market shares among your area's new building projects.

Debt Recovery Tool

Confirm your agreements with different builders by verifying the origin of their buyers' mortgage loans.

JLR Alert

Be notified of any new transaction that could impact a property in your portfolio. Using your database, JLR automatically creates an alert for each of the selected properties. Email alerts can be sent to different departments within your organization, according to the type of building.

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