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Risk Assessment, Enquiry and Debt Recovery

Our risk assessment, enquiry and debt recovery solutions are essential to have the whole picture before insuring or financing a property. Thanks to our real estate database spanning more than 25 years, you can verify titles and transaction history, as well as identify red flags at the time of underwriting.

Keyword Search

Our powerful search engine allows you to use keywords to search our database containing more than 22 million stakeholders. Available only to finance professionals, this tool is invaluable for enquiries and fraud detection.

Debt Recovery Tool

Our keyword search engine is also a very powerful debt recovery tool. Easily track an individual's or company's real estate assets in order to take legal action and recover funds you are owed.

Flip-Flop Alert

Our Flip-Flop Alert is an analytical tool that allows you to easily identify real estate transactions that run a high risk of being fraudulent. Study your institution's loans or all transactions in a given area and receive a customized document, based on a selected tolerance level.

Title Search

Find a property's owner, creditor or any other person linked to it with our title search tool. Using lot numbers, our legal analyst searches the Quebec Land Register for you. You can also search online yourself, directly from a Property Profile.

Distance From Fire Stations

Quickly identify the fire station that is closest to a property, as well as its distance and the route to take to get to it. Easy to use, this tool will save you a lot of time during the underwriting process, thus helping you be more productive.