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Analyze YOUR Market!

Take advantage of one of the largest property databases in North America: keep up to date on what is really happening in any given area.

Our service covers residential, commercial and industrial sectors. You can define your own search criteria and then select images and graphics to print or insert into your presentations.


  • Concentrate your sales efforts in growth areas;
  • Assign your resources to the most efficient areas;
  • Adapt your policies to your market's realities;
  • Gain a better knowledge of the real estate market.

Our tools allow you to find and track the following data:

  • Median prices;
  • Sales volume;
  • Bad debts;
  • Length of ownership of a building;
  • Real estate inventory of the area and socio-demographic profile;
  • Price per door ratio (for multi-unit dwellings);
  • Sales price to property assessment ratio;
  • Price per square foot ratio (single-family dwellings and condominiums);
  • Distinction between new construction and resale properties;
  • Market shares for mortgages, sales, prior notices, by building type, for a specific area and time period;
  • General real estate market performance.

Our Services are Focused on Your Needs

JLR's Real Estate Market Analysis Service (SAMI) is divided into four major spheres of activity:

The JLR Bad Debt Index

Real Estate Market Strength

This index is a quick and simple way to measure the strength of the residential real estate market in Quebec. Calculated monthly using data compiled by JLR, the Index is estimated for six census metropolitan areas: Montreal, Ottawa-Gatineau (the part lying within Quebec), Quebec City, Saguenay, Sherbrooke and Trois-Rivières. These regional indices are then assembled to create the JLR Compound Index of Bad Debt (Indice CMC), which gives an overview of bad real estate debts in the province.

Real Estate Radar

Overview of the Current Situation

The Real Estate Radar is an interactive statistical tool that allows you to obtain information on sales, bad debts and the socio-demographic profile of an area depending on the territory and type of building you choose. Compiled monthly and on a quarterly basis, it offers a precise overview of the real estate market, adapted to your needs.

JLR Studies

Statistical and Economic Analysis

JLR publishes monthly, quarterly and occasional studies with statistical and economic analysis of the Quebec real estate market. These reports are published on our blog and are regularly quoted by important publications (see our press review for additional information). Furthermore, our team of analysts (economists, geomaticians and programmers) produces studies on demand.

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