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Real Estate Professionals

JLR provides real estate professionals with online services and a complete range of solutions to help them never miss a business opportunity.

Whether you wish to follow real estate market trends, get an exact estimate or support your marketing campaign, JLR is a key partner.

Development of Applications

Take advantage of JLR's know-how in creating research systems! Our team can create an application in the colours of your real estate brokerage agency, adapted to your needs, that incorporates JLR's data or your own database. This allows you to avoid costs related to application deployment and licence management, among others.

Our Know-How:

  • Designing websites and search engines
  • Creating mobile applications
  • Customizing existing platforms
  • Creating databases
  • Migrating databases

JLR Alert for MLS®

JLR Alert for MLS® is a clever tool that helps protect real estate agents by keeping them up to date of any new information related to a property registered on MLS®, even if it no longer appears in the listing.

  • Receive a daily email containing relevant transactions about your selected property;
  • Avoid surprises in the process of buying or selling a property;
  • Improve your performance by knowing immediately what could affect your mortgage profitability;
  • More than 75 kinds of transactions are recorded each day in our databases (sales, mortgages, prior notices, freeze orders, building permits, contamination notices, etc.).

Geomatics and Cartography

Take advantage of our expertise in geomatics and choose advanced marketing solutions by creating ownership lists according to a combination of such criteria as socio-demographic profiles, type of property, specific real estate transactions, etc. Furthermore, cartography allows us to identify properties with certain given geographic characteristics.

Examples of lists that you could generate:

  • riverfront properties worth more than $500,000 in a given area;
  • houses near a train station;
  • properties within 10 minutes by car of your real estate brokerage agency.

Contact us for more information about our custom solutions for real estate professionals.

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