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Terms of use

1. Purpose

This contract explains the conditions of access for consulting data on the JLR.ca website.

2. Member Obligations

By subscribing to JLR’s services, the member agrees to use them for personal reasons only and not for commercial and/or fraudulent purposes. Moreover, the member commits to not sell or distribute data obtained from the site. The member also agrees to not share his or her username or password with anyone. The member remains entirely responsible for all consultations billed to his or her account. The member cannot at any time transfer his or her rights or obligations under the terms of this contract without JLR’s written consent.

3. Prohibited Use

Prohibited uses include screen scraping, data recovery and any other activity that collects, stores, reorganizes or manipulates data on the pages prepared by JLR or posted on its sites.

4. Duration of the Subscription

A subscription is based on a monthly cycle and renews automatically, except for special agreements with JLR and for which the duration is specified on a contract. JLR reserves the right to deny renewal of a subscription for any reason and entirely at its own discretion. The invoice covers a period of one month beginning on the day that the subscription began. For subscriptions beginning on a day that doesn’t repeat systematically (e.g., the 31st of the month or February 29), billing will take place on the following day. Services are billed in advance for the next monthly period.

5. Intellectual Property Rights

Data stored on the JLR.ca website are the exclusive property of JLR and are protected by copyright. JLR will deny future use of the site to any member who illegally uses data from the site. In addition, legal action will be taken.

6. Access to JLR.ca Services

Each member is issued a password and username that must be used each time he/she wants to consult the data. The member must keep them confidential and is solely responsible for all expenses charged to his or her account. Internet access as well any software necessary for the use of JLR’s services is entirely at the expense of the member.

7. Invoicing and Payment Method

After purchasing a subscription, the member will be given access to JLR’s data based on his or her chosen plan.

The profiles included in your package are neither cumulative nor refundable. Your package will automatically renew each month.

8. JLR Dollars

JLR Dollars are not transferable and any credits remaining at the end of a member’s subscription will be lost if their balance is less than 20 JLR Dollars. All JLR Dollars to be reimbursed must have been purchased by the member and not received as part of a promotion. It is the member’s responsibility to spend his or her JLR Dollars, which will be lost if the subscription is not renewed. JLR Dollars can however be used to pay for a renewal.

9. Various Provisions

JLR reserves the right to modify the contents of its site, its fees, terms of use and terms of access to its services by notifying its members of these modifications and dates when they will take effect in advance.

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