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Areas of Expertise

Development of Custom Applications

Take advantage of JLR's know-how in creating research systems! Our team can create an application in your business' colours, adapted to your needs, that integrates JLR's data or your own database. This allows you to avoid costs related to application deployment and licence management, among others.

Our Know-How:

  • Designing websites and search engines
  • Creating mobile applications
  • Customizing existing platforms
  • Creating databases
  • Migrating databases

Web Services Implementation

Get access to JLR's information from your own IT platform! JLR's web services allow you to validate, integrate or access JLR's information from your own existing applications and systems. It is an easy way to obtain JLR's data and the most up-to-date information without acquiring the full database.


  • Secure XML web services
  • Data updated daily
  • Location data via JLR's geolocalization service

Geomatic and Mapping Solutions

JLR has 20 years of experience in geomatics. This allows us to identify properties with particular geographical characteristics, such as waterfront properties.

Territorial Organization

Most of the properties in JLR's database have been given a "rooftop" coordinate, which is more accurate than coordinates using address ranges, generally found on mapping websites. Geomatics allows us to observe the market using a complex territorial organization, such as "near your store," "10 minutes by car from your establishment" and much more.


Geomatics allows us to offer advanced marketing solutions by creating ownership lists according to such criteria as socio-demographic profiles, type of property, specific real estate transactions, etc.

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