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Regulations and Compliance

Our portfolio-tracking solutions can also help you comply with different norms and regulations. For example, use JLR to follow the OSFI's Guideline B-20, which requires the implementation of processes in order to monitor the effectiveness of evaluation tools in representing the market value of the property.

Notarized Deeds Server

Centralize your documents originating from the land register, such as notarized deeds and the legal history of properties, in order to better manage your real estate information. This solution enables you to easily share information within your organization, to avoid duplicate purchases and to facilitate your administrative compensation processes.

JLR Indexing Table

JLR's Indexing Table enables you to quickly appraise the value of a property or group of properties over time, based on the evolution of the median price of other properties in the same category and geographical area, for a given time period. This tool is based on all the real estate transactions that JLR has been compiling since 1986.


  • A complete and diverse database;
  • A large number of building categories;
  • Detailed geographical segmentation;
  • Easy, quick and efficient.

Example #1: the importance of distinguishing between building types


Example #2: the importance of geographical segmentation


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